Alleghany County

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Search Results in Alleghany County
Owners Name Tax Map No. Address Acres Value Type
Shurtleff, Reuben Fabian Or Withrow, Megan L 03700-00-000-0260 4415 Midland Tr 2.4000 158,500 Dwelling
Siddle, William E Jr Or Kroh, Penny J 12400-01-002-009B 903 Main St N/A 28,600 Dwelling
Siebenkittel, Brett & Amanda S 02900-01-000-0490 150 Vista Ln 87.8500 296,700 Dwelling
Siebenkittel, Brett A Or Amanda S 02900-01-000-0480 Address Unknown 76.8700 111,000 Vacant Land
Siers, James N Jr 045A1-01-000-0870 3309 Longdale Furnace Rd N/A 90,800 Dwelling
Siers, James N Jr 045A1-01-000-0880 Address Unknown N/A 1,500 Vacant Land
Siler, Miles M Or Kathy A 12400-01-014-005A 904 Pine St N/A 2,000 Vacant Land
Simmons Cemetery (g J Est) 08500-00-000-022A Off Upper Rich Patch Dr .724 100 Vacant-exempt
Simmons, Aaron Michael 02900-00-000-029A 4015 Forty Two Rd 1.4000 100,800 Dwelling
Simmons, Amy B Or Shawn R 024K0-01-000-0190 214 Wade Dr 3.4600 205,700 Dwelling

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