Alleghany County

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Search Results in Alleghany County
Owners Name Tax Map No. Address Acres Value Type
Shuart, Deborah Lynn Persinger Or Shuart, Harold A Jr 07300-00-000-021B 6150 Rich Patch Rd 22.38 133,900 Manuf As R/e(d)
Shuart, Deborah P Or Harold A 07300-00-000-021C 6094 Rich Patch Rd 1.216 268,500 Dwelling
Shue, Troy C Or Wendy H 02200-00-000-013B 4922 Indian Draft Rd 0.8360 128,200 Dwelling
Shue, Troy C Or Wendy H 02200-00-000-13F1 Address Unknown 1.5000 2,300 Vacant Land
Shue, Wendy Leigh Hubbard 07100-00-000-046E 4405 Castile Rd 1.0530 50,600 Dwelling
Shull, Richard A Or Tiffany B 058B0-01-000-0340 612 Heatherton Dr N/A 141,100 Dwelling
Shumaker, Jackie L & Regina A 05700-00-000-045D Address Unknown 0.5000 500 Vacant Land
Shumaker, Jackie L & Regina M 057E0-08-000-0290 Address Unknown N/A 5,000 Vacant Land
Shumaker, Jackie L Or Regina A 057E0-12-000-0320 531 Brentwood Dr N/A 101,700 Dwelling
Shumaker, Jackie Or Todd 057E0-12-000-0340 535 Brentwood Dr N/A 72,500 Dwelling

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